Who We are

We’re a passionate team of numerologists, angel number interpreters, and spiritual writers who are devoted to unraveling the mystical meanings behind numbers and signs from the universe. Led by Erica Teney, our founder and most experienced interpreter, we have decades of combined experience studying esoteric traditions. We use this experience to channel guidance from the spirit realm and help people find clarity during crossroads in life.

When we’re not writing for you, you can find us scouring ancient texts, testing new divination techniques, and fine-tuning our interpretations of angel numbers, symbols, and synchronicities. We also geek out over topics like sacred geometry, tarot, astrology, and anything to do with signs from the cosmos. We have weekly team meetings where we share new insights with each other.

Our team loves supporting people on their spiritual journeys. Though we take our work seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously – we love combining humor and pop culture with profound spiritual wisdom. Our ultimate goal is to spread more light and empower you to fearlessly follow your soul’s calling. We’re really happy you’re here.

Meet The Team​

Auspicious Angels is blessed to have world-class specialists working on our articles and number profiles.

Erica Teney
Owner | Writer

Erica is a numerologist and angel number interpreter with 30 years combined experience. She is based in Madison, Wisconsin. See Profile.

Liam Weber
Web Developer

Liam is our web design wizard and talented techy. This site wouldn’t exist without him. He’s based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Emily Davis

Emily is a skilled astrologer, tarot reader, angel number interpreter, and above all, hard worker. She is based in Chicago, Illinois.

LaChelle Williams

LaChelle is an astrologer, divination diva, and expert angel channeler. She’s based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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